Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My First Day in UiTM Segamat

I need to register in UiTM Segamat is on 26th December 2008 that is Sunday. It takes a long distance from my house in Selangor to arrive early in the morning to Segamat. So, my family has decided to stay at Melaka in thursday and I can register early in the morning in friday.

I feel really excited in my way to UiTM Seagamat because once I entered UITM I become a university student. But, once I arrived in UiTM Segamat I feel really nervous and afraid to face my life as university student.

I got college Mutiara as my college to stay and I need to register there. I really shocked when I meet my friend in the secondary school which is Syakira and Misnahaini. I feel very happy seeing them because I have people that I know even though we are not so close when we are in secondary school. And actually I forgot what Syakira name for that time, so I cannot say ‘Hi’ to her because I did not know what to call her. Sorry Syakira, what I remember about you for that time is only “ruffedge”…=)

After make a registration, I went to my room which is in level two. I met my roommate which is come from Yong Peng, Johor. It’s really weird for me because it is the first time for me heard about the places who call as Yong Peng. Besides that, I also learn a few place names in Johor in my way to UiTM like Sagil and Jementah. Back to the story about my roommates, she asks me to call her ‘Jiha’ and she is Diploma in Business Study student. She is a little bit nervous when talk with me for that time because all my family is in the room too.

I feel really sad when my family want to back and leave me alone to handle my life as university student. After my family went home, I heard the announcement that tells the new student need to have the meeting. We need to go to the mosque and that’s the first activity as the beginning of orientation that needs to attend by the new student in university. I will never forget about the orientation that I have attended and it will become the best memory in my life.=). We finished our meeting at the middle night and after that we get the permission to back to our room and get rest.

After all it is really a tired day in my life and tomorrow we will continue our orientation and it become more tired in the orientation week. For the first night, my roommate and I do not switch off the light because we are afraid and we decided to sleep in the bright condition.=)
I think that all I can write about my experience in my first day in UiTM Segamat. It is the valuable experience for me that I cannot forget it till the end of my life.=)

10 valuable thing in my life

10 valuable things in my life

It’s DELL INSPIRON. I just got it last month. Thank you to my parents which support in financial to buy this laptop. Huhu…These laptops really help me doing the assignment and I can watch my favorite movie in a free time. I think I can’t live without my laptop.

My handset is from the Nokia model. I love to use this handset because it is simple and very tough handset. Besides that, it is functioning with x-press music which is very suit with me who love to listen to the music. These handsets also really help me in keep in touch with my friend. :-))

I bought my Mp4 when I am in part 2. It contains all my favorites’ song and video that I can watch when I’m feeling bored. It is like my best friend because whenever I go, I must bring my Mp4 to accompany me.

I bought this ring when I am in semester one with Isma and Nabil. We bought the same ring and write our name in the ring. So, you can see the three of us using the same ring now. I thing this the valuable thing for me because every time I lost it, I will found it back.

I used these heels to attend the dinner for the DL student last semester. It is 4 inch heels and it is the first time I used the 4 inch heels in my life. I really love these heels because it is simple and very comfortable when using it even it is 4 inch.

Usually only the boy will use the bangle. I attract to wear it when I saw my brother use it. But my bangle is not big as my brother because I buy the bangle which is design for the girl. By using this bangle it make me look like a tomboy but I comfort using it and I never …since I bought in last year.

Photo Album
It keeps my entire photo since I’m in child till I finished my secondary school. It keeps all my memory that I had in my life. So, when I look to the photo album I can recall back all my memory in the past. So, I think I will feel very sad if I lost it.

Teddy bear
It is given from my best friend in my birthday when I celebrated in 12 years old. It is really mean for me because it is given by my really best friend and it is the first time I got the teddy bear as a present. I still keep it even though it is a long time since I got it.

Love letter
For my ages, in secondary school we still use the letter to keep in touch with other person because we still not affordable to have our own handset for that time. So, I still keep my love letter that given from ‘him’. I think this is the most valuable thing because nowadays we only use SMS to keep in touch with others. No letter anymore.

It is Yamaha Ego S. I have my own motorcycle that I get from my own money. My father just pays for the first payment and I continue pay for the installment in every month. So, I work hard to get the money to pay for the installment and I really happy when it become my own motorcycle after all.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 thing I hate most

I know that living in this world we need to grateful with what we get but as a human being we have a little unsatisfied in what we get in this world. Not almost the thing in this world we like it, there is certain thing that we hate. So, for these entries I will write what the 10 thing I hate the most.

I hate this kind of person because it makes me sick. I prefer if the person tell me the truth if they do not like with what I’m doing. I will try to change it if they don’t like it. If they do not tell me what I’m wrong, I will keep on doing wrong thing because there is no one to tell me the truth.

Waiting is the most things I hate in this world. It needs me to use my time to wait for something or for someone. Sometimes we need to wait for such a long time to get something right?? I know waiting can teach us how to be patient but is not for me because for me teaching makes me learn how to angry with the thing who make me waiting.

Sick makes I weak and I can’t do nothing if I got a sick. It also makes me feel sad especially when I got sick in hostel which is far away from my family. So, I need to take care of myself and no one of my family take care of me.

People who think they are good.
These kinds of people make me sick with their attitude. They will think that only their idea is the good one and cannot accept others opinion. For me, we need to hear and consider other idea even though they do not give the best idea for that time.

Silent condition
I will feel very sad when I am in the silent condition. This is because I feel very lonely and there is no one around me to accompany me. I will also think about the sad thing only when I am in this condition.

I really hate the person who breaks their promise. If someone cannot fulfill what they promise they supposedly do not make promise to others.

Handsome guys
I really hate when I saw the handsome guy because they make me want to look them more than once. Sometime they also make me fall in love with them especially the actor in Korea. Huhuhu.

I really hate when I need to follow the rules. I know that if we follow the rules it make us become a discipline person. Besides that, we can see that there is a lot of rule in everywhere even in the public area also there is rule that we need to follow. So, even though I hate to follow the rules but I need to follow it until I die.

High place
I cannot be in the high place because I feel that I want to jump from the high place. When I was in the high place, my heart will ask me to jump and died after that. Huhuhu.

I hate for being a speechless person when I meet someone. But that is me because I will become a speechless person when I meet the person who I like and the person which is look pierce to me.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Wish....

Everyone who lives in this world must have wish in their live. It does’t matter either we can reach or not our wish, the important is we have our wish. For these entries I well write about my 10 wish in my life right now.

1) Dean List
I wish I can get back my ‘DL’ for this semester. Even though it’s hard for me to do that but I will try my best to get it back. I feel so regret when I did not get it for the last semester and I think that is the pay for me for not study hard in the last semester. So, I hope I can stand back from my mistake.

2) Blackberry
I really wish I can get the latest model of Blackberry as soon as possible. Hehe. But who want to buy me the Blackberry?? If I want to ask from my parents, I think I already know the answer....NO...of course because I already change my phone for the past few months. I think I just can get it in my dream. But, I really hope I will get in my real life.

3) Cook
I wish I can be like my mother who expert in cooking. Even though I do not know how to cook right now but I am sure that one fine day I will become expert in cooking like my mother. But, I don’t know when the day will come and I hope it will come as soon as possible.

4) Business
I want to have my own business in the future. This is because I really interested to involve in the business world which is very challenging for me. Maybe I will open my own restaurant and if the business is successful, I can open the branches in all over the world.

5) Trip
I wish I can go to the trip with all Diploma in Banking student from my batch. This is because I love all of them and I hope I will have the best memory with them before all of us grad. Besides that, I hope the trip will make us close with each other even though we are not in the same class.

6) Diet
I think I never get successful in my diet program before. So, I hope after this when I make another diet program it will successful as I hope. This is because my friends said that I become fatter from day to day especially when I stayed at home for the long time. So, I hope my diet program will be successful even it’s hard for me.

7) Daughter
I wish I can become a good daughter for my parents from day to day. I want to make my parents proud to get me as their daughter. I wish I can pay back their kindness to grow me up by being a good daughter that can be proud in my family.
8) Future Husband
Everyone in this world wants to get married in their life. I wish I can get the good one for my future husband. The most important things are he can take care of me in a easy or hard time.

9) Car
I really wish I had my own car before I grad from this UiTM. I don’t care even that only the second hand car but the most important is I had my own car and when I have my own career, I hope I can buy another expensive car like Mercedes Benz as my asset.

10) Korea
I wish I can go to Korea and meet my hero there. Huhu. I think in Korea there are a lot of handsome and hot guys that can be my soul mate even though they do not want it. Hehe.
Besides that, I heard Korea is the nice place to be visit. So, I really hope I can go there to visit their nice country and will found my soul mate there.

I guess that’s only my wish for the time being and I hope it will become true as I wish. See you in the next entries.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Classmate..

Lily is the short for her name. She is the quiet person in the class. I never heard her voice in the class if I never talk to her. She also clever and hardworking person and she also got DL for the past two semesters.

She is a nice and quit a quiet girl in the class. She also a hardworking person and will do something with her full effort.

We have been asked to call her Kechik since we were in part one. Kechik is the gorgeous person in our class and now she’s fully using contact lens because she had loss her spectacle.... Kechik is a kind person and always help her friend who in trouble. One thing I know about Kechik is she love shopping very much. huhuhu

Isma is very simple and kind person. She always protects me from being hated by others. She also will give an advice to me if I do something wrong. I think Isma is like my sister in this UiTM. Huhuhu. Isma is one of my best friends in UiTM.

I do not know much about Azlina because I’m not too close with her. But she is a good friend because she cans friends with all of us even though she is not from our class member.

She a little bit quiet in a class maybe because she not too close with us in a class. Erin is the new classmate for us because for the past semesters she does not join our class. Hope Erin will be happy to join our class for these semesters.

Nabil is one of my best friends in UiTM. Nabil is happy go lucky person and we can laugh together even there no funny thing happen for us. When I first meet Nabil I guess that Nabil is an arrogant person but when I know her well she is nice person actually. She always has me when I am in trouble and she also a good listener because she will listen that entire story that I told to her.

Zura is the short for Baizura. Zura comes from Sagil which is not far from Segama that means she will back every week if there is no activity for that week. Zura is quit strict person but she is so cute when she get angry.

Ezza is the person who loves to talk very much. When she started her story it will continue for the long period like from the beginning class till the end of the class. What I like about Ezza is the way she wearing her shawl, it look perfect in her face.

10) DILA
What I can say about Dila is she is very hardworking person. She will finished her work that given by the lecturer as soon as she can. She also very committed with her study and she will ask the lecturer if she do not understand about something.

She is nice and kind person. When we went to Pasar together she will threat us a cup of corn. Hehe. Sometime she become a serious person when she is busy doing something, so do not disturb her when she is concentrate on her work.

Aisyah is very friendly and nice person. She always gives her smile to everyone in the class. Aisyah is also like Dila, when she does not understand about something she will ask lecturer immediately.

I call her Eiya. Eiya is talkative person and I think that’s why she’s become one of the debaters for UiTM. Sometime Eiya can be e moody person and when Eiya not in a good mood I quit afraid to talk with her because she will show her fierce face. Huhuhu. Eiya also comes from Sabak Bernam and we will back together when holidays is coming.

I call her Mies. Mies is a very kind and polite person. She always helps me when I had a problem and she also one of my best friend in UiTM. She comes from Sabak Bernam which is same with me and usually we will back to Sabak Bernam together. One more thing about Mies is I never see her mad with all of us.

15) Me..Amalina

We call her Kak Azie because she is older than us. She is the cutest one in our class even though she’s the eldest one among us. She is very hardworking person because she will finished the work that given to her as soon as possible.

Diana is a funny and happy go lucky person who is always makes me laugh when talking with her. But if we do not know her well maybe we can think that she is an arrogant person. This is because her face does not show that she has such a kind heart actually.

She is a happy go lucky person and she always makes me laughing when I talk with her. She also a simple person and is fun for being her friend.

We call her Atin. What the special about Atin is she know how to speak Mandarin well, this is because she had learn Mandarin in a primary school. So, in Mandarin class she will speak Mandarin with Laoshi. She is very hardworking and a polite person.

We call her Kak Ram. She is the clever and hardworking person. She’s got DL for the past two semesters and I really impress with her result. She also our class rap for subject BEL 311 and this is her second time becomes our class rap for subject BEL.

21) HUDA
Huda is a quiet person in the class but when we start talking with her we realize that she is talkative person actually. Huda is a simple person and she usually wearing Baju Kurung to class.

She comes from Kulai which is same place with Mawi. She is such a nice friend and is so fun when talking with her. She also brings her own car even though she lives in the college.

I know that Izzati is a nice person even though I not too close with her. She always gives me her smile when we meet. Beside that she also simple and steady person that I ever know.

Monday, February 22, 2010



I think most of us know that 14 February in every year is the day for 'Valentine Day'. What I understand about Valentine Day is the day that is celebrated by the lovers. This is the day for the couple to celebrate their love. But, as a Muslim there is no day that calls Valentine Day. So, as a Muslim we cannot celebrate this day and there is no Valentine Day in our calendar.

Most people said Valentine Day is the day to show off our love to our partner but for me there is no specific day and date to show our love. If we love someone we can show our love at anytime and anywhere. But it depends on that kind of person, some people may said that Valentine Day is the suitable time to show the love for their lover but some people said that they can show their love without need the special day happen.

What I remember about Valentine Day is a rose. When I am in primary school, there is some organization like KOPERASI that sell roses for that special day. I think not only roses but there is much thing such as teddy bear and chocolate that can give for the person who we love for that day. For the person who have no lover for that time they can give it to their friends or teacher.

For me I have no experience on celebrating Valentine Day. Oh no.. Now I remember, I have a little experience for that day. When I am in the form two, I got a present and chocolate for Valentine Day from the person who I admired in the form one. I feel so weird why he gives me the present for that day because that is not my birthday for that day. When I asked him why he gives me that present, the answer that I got from him is he only want to give me something so then he give. But then I remember that day is 14 February, and maybe he gives me the present because it is Valentine Day.

In addition, what we can see in Valentine Day is we can see many couple will be dating for that day. So, if we go to the shopping complex for that day, we can see couple in everywhere because shopping complex is one of the favourite places for the lover to date. Coincidentally this year the Valentine Day share the same day with Chinese New Year, and I think Chinese people is much better celebrate the Chinese New Year than celebrated the Valentine Day.

I think that’s only I can say about Valentine Day because I have no experience on celebrating Valentine Day. So, see you in the next entries.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

love from me...

Love is the greatest gift we can ever hope to give or to receive. Love is the one thing that can overcome so many of the difficult times that we are faced with in life. Love is so powerful until it can turn frowns into smiles. Love comes in so many different levels, that it doesn't appear to be the same emotion at all, but it is. It can tear people apart and make us do irrational things to bringing together entire nations. What can this emotion not do? It's hard to tell, but there is a lot it can.

There are so many levels to love and friendship is the first level of love. Yes, it doesn't seem like it, but we do feel love towards our friends, this is what helps us get along so well, and why we miss them when we do not see our friends for a long time. It's also why we hold certain friends over others no matter what happens. Sometimes, the bond between friends deepens to the point where a stronger bond of love is made, making them family.

Second level of love is love between woman and man. Sometimes love for this level will make us happy until we forget about the important things. For example, when the student have lover when they were in studies, sometimes they too stuck with their love till they forget about their education. Supposedly they should know how to handle their feeling for their lover and at the same time they know how manage their study. So, there is no fault to have love when we were in study if we know how to handle everything well.

Another level of love is for our siblings and other family members. Even though we do the bad things to our family members, and sometimes we do not like some of our family, that bond is still there. For example, if one of your family members that you do not like had a problem that need you to help them, you still will help them because the bond among you and them still there. I think we must protect the relation among the family because our family is always beside us in every condition.

The last mentionable level of love is that bond between a mother and her children. There is no stronger, nor will there ever be. This bond starts from the child is born and never ends, even after death of the child. A mother protects her children in the name of love, and directs them through life using it as the example to follow. Well, at least it should be. It's because of her children a mother will work at a job she hates, just to make sure they have everything they could ever want or need. So, appreciate your mother because they will do anything for your happiness.

Love causes less stress, less heartache, less misunderstanding, less of just about everything negative. Love also give the happiness, health, joy, peace and so much more positive things. So, every living thing in this world needs love in their life.