Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My First Day in UiTM Segamat

I need to register in UiTM Segamat is on 26th December 2008 that is Sunday. It takes a long distance from my house in Selangor to arrive early in the morning to Segamat. So, my family has decided to stay at Melaka in thursday and I can register early in the morning in friday.

I feel really excited in my way to UiTM Seagamat because once I entered UITM I become a university student. But, once I arrived in UiTM Segamat I feel really nervous and afraid to face my life as university student.

I got college Mutiara as my college to stay and I need to register there. I really shocked when I meet my friend in the secondary school which is Syakira and Misnahaini. I feel very happy seeing them because I have people that I know even though we are not so close when we are in secondary school. And actually I forgot what Syakira name for that time, so I cannot say ‘Hi’ to her because I did not know what to call her. Sorry Syakira, what I remember about you for that time is only “ruffedge”…=)

After make a registration, I went to my room which is in level two. I met my roommate which is come from Yong Peng, Johor. It’s really weird for me because it is the first time for me heard about the places who call as Yong Peng. Besides that, I also learn a few place names in Johor in my way to UiTM like Sagil and Jementah. Back to the story about my roommates, she asks me to call her ‘Jiha’ and she is Diploma in Business Study student. She is a little bit nervous when talk with me for that time because all my family is in the room too.

I feel really sad when my family want to back and leave me alone to handle my life as university student. After my family went home, I heard the announcement that tells the new student need to have the meeting. We need to go to the mosque and that’s the first activity as the beginning of orientation that needs to attend by the new student in university. I will never forget about the orientation that I have attended and it will become the best memory in my life.=). We finished our meeting at the middle night and after that we get the permission to back to our room and get rest.

After all it is really a tired day in my life and tomorrow we will continue our orientation and it become more tired in the orientation week. For the first night, my roommate and I do not switch off the light because we are afraid and we decided to sleep in the bright condition.=)
I think that all I can write about my experience in my first day in UiTM Segamat. It is the valuable experience for me that I cannot forget it till the end of my life.=)

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